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Aloha Soul Journey
For Light Warriors

We welcome you for to heart-centered journey.

Our Aloha Soul Journey honors the essence of rhythm

above the patterns of heavenly bodies below starry skies,

our nurturing hands held within a nourishing earth,

giving thanks as a celebratory fire creatively dances, 

we are cradled in the womb of a gentle misty rain forest, 

here we commune as one with a graceful Hawaiian touch.

Aloha Soul Journey @ Mana Loli Sanctuary 

A Breath of Fresh Air


Reconnect to your beautiful soul and true self.

Discovery of Your Soul

heArt-fully designed to transform your DNA.

30 Days: May - June

Call for a Free Consultation: 303-917-2424



Pulelehua - Butterfly Room

Here is where the transformation happens. In a large room with up to 4 people


Pulelehua: King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha - Native Butterfly

The Princess Throne

Double down on your for your retreat: 2x the bed, 2x the storage and 2x the space.


Couples Rooms

Koa (Udara Blackburni)- Native Butterfly

Private Rooms in a Shared House

All-Inclusive Stays for the Earth

Heart-fully designed rooms for your mood and moon

Below is our list of Rooms with All-Inclusive Adornments

Our Adornments Include a Breadth of Diverse Content

From Food & Juice Cleanses to Workshops & Celebrations

Benefiting You, the Local Economy and the Planet

Begin your Holistic Journey Now


For Friends and Singles
Seeking a Taste of Mana

Hoku - Night of the Full Moon

Full Bed and Single Loft Bed
Through diamond windows of the Hoku room we observe our ancestors in the milky way.

Align and reveal yourself with the Moon.


For Couples and Singles
Desiring Life Intention

Lokahi - Harmony and Unity

King Bed and Garden Entrance
The honor and pleasure is yours to bring harmony to all staying at the Sanctuary. 

Renew your values with Ho'oponopono


For Couples and Solo Travelers Connecting to their Heart

Manawale'a - Generous Heart

Queen Bed and Garden Entrance

Open yourself to the magic of this Sanctuary with full length glass windows.

Open your Generous Heart

 Pulelehua                                  Butterfly  

Butterfly Room
Outdoor Shower


Full Kitchen and Dining Area

Hammock and Couches

Art Space & Fitness Area

Bikes, Beach Gear & Lawn Games

Washer & Dryer

"Golden Throne" Half-Bath

Orgasmic Hot Outdoor Shower

Solo Travelers and Friends
On the X Aloha Soul Journey

Pulelehua - Kamehameha Butterfly

One spacious two-story house

  Pule                  ||              Lehua        

        Prayer               ||      Love & Devotion     


This house serves the mission of Mana Loli Sanctuary by attracting like-minded travelers around the world, together as one Ohana, we co-create transformation.

Set your Intention, Share Your Story, Serve the Planet

ManaLoliExport_Brighten_-70 (1).jpg


Six Comfortable Single Beds

Luxurious Full Bathroom

Private Reading Nook

Huge Sofa & Hangout Area

Stacked Shelves with Books & Games

Acupressure & Yoga Mats

Ample Space in the Screened Lanai

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