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Aloha Soul   Journey

Rebirth from the Chrysalis

We welcome you for your heart-centered journey of a life.

Our Aloha Soul Journey honors the essence of rhythm

above the patterns of heavenly bodies below starry skies,

our nurturing hands held within a nourishing earth,

giving thanks as a celebratory fire creatively dances, 

we are cradled in the womb of a gentle misty rain forest, 

here we commune as one with a graceful Hawaiian touch.

Aloha Soul Journey @ Mana Loli Sanctuary 

A Breath of Fresh Air


Reconnect to your beautiful soul and true self.

Specialized Retreats
For the Lunar Occasion 

Heart-fully designed to transform your DNA.

Below is our list of Rebirth Offerings

with a range of lengths and diversity of content.

Begin your Journey now with your length of exploration

These juicy experiences are places and times within our Butterfly Medicine program which dive more into a particular region of healing for an in-depth release of exactly what you're looking for. Great for couples or individuals looking for a more intentional trip to Hawai'i.

Create, de-Sign, reNew
For One Week

24 brand new hours.jpg

Come and Love Your Soul
For One Week

The "Come and Love your Soul" retreat is designed for heart expanding awareness. There's infinite room self-love. When our self-love is actualized we become And to this extent there will be infinite love we have for others and the planet.

Life-cycles which will nourish and sustain you for a lifetime. You will discover your soul calling, lay the groundwork and reach beyond your imaginal cells to the creation of a world through your own realization.

Actualize your potential. 

Healing the Earth Goddess
For Two Weeks

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