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Aloha Soul Journey


"Come and Love your Soul" retreat is designed for heart expanding awareness.

There's infinite room for self-love. When our self-love is actualized we give.

And to this extent there will be infinite love we share for others and the planet.

Aloha Soul Journey @ Mana Loli Sanctuary

A Breath of Fresh Air


Reconnect to your beautiful soul and true self.

Scholar's Heart

These juicy experiences are places and times within our Butterfly Medicine program which dive more into a particular region of healing for an in-depth release of exactly what you're looking for. Great for couples or individuals looking for a more intentional trip to Hawai'i.



Pulelehua - Butterfly Room

Here is where the transformation happens. In a large room with up to 4 people


Pulelehua: King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha - Native Butterfly

The Princess Throne

Double down on your for your retreat: 2x the bed, 2x the storage and 2x the space.


Couples Rooms

Koa (Udara Blackburni)- Native Butterfly

Life-cycles which will nourish and sustain you for a lifetime. You will discover your soul calling, lay the groundwork and reach beyond your imaginal cells to the creation of a world through your own realization.

Actualize your potential. 

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