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A Breath of Fresh Air

We create space for love, laughter, healing & holistic living.


The abundant windward coast of Hawaii / "The Breath of God"

A safe place to explore, connect and manifest


A way of living in loving presence with

the fullness of your being

for wherever your life may guide you

More than a stay, an experience of purpose, awareness and belonging.


We live at Hamakua Sanctuary providing structure, stability & safety for all to flourish.

Join us with our chill dog and funky ducks. Let's have a great time together!

Ryan & Yasmin

Nature & Play

Nutrition & Self-Care

Be among the guests who experience Hamakua Sanctuary.

Your loving presence is desired. Aloha! Ryan & Yasmin

Belonging & Reciprocity

You belong here

Be the change


What Our Guests Say

5 stars does not do this place justice. Ryan is as warm as the sun and Yasmin is as calming as the ocean.

The land feels like paradise and will immediately put you at peace...

this place is heaven on Earth.

Deandre Samuels, June 2022

Come and connect with soul friends

Ryan welcomed us as if we were old friends.

We felt completely independent but also took the opportunity to engage with the place and its potential and Ryan’s company.

A total treat, can’t wait to return.

Scott James, February 2023

We love our guests!

I love everything about this place and the people running it. Can’t wait to tell more people about this hidden gem and I know I’ll be back!

Elizabeth Abbott, April 2023

What a truly special place. We booked a week-long stay and didn’t want to leave. We couldn’t imagine returning to Hawaii without visiting Mana Loli, Ryan and Yasmin!

Carissa Louks, September 2022

Beautiful location with the most heart centered hosts.


10/10 Bravo.

Emily Honjas, March 2023

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